Celebrate You! 2015 Day 5 Report

by | Aug 6, 2015 | 2015 Celebrate You!, Behind the Scenes, Celebrate You!

Carma did it!
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I know that many people see me as bold and courageous, but in so many ways I can be timid and shy. That’s probably why, in the past, I ended up in less-than-stellar relationships.

That said, I’m glad to report that I’m changing my ways. I now have a wonderful, supportive boyfriend who actually likes me as I am! What a concept, eh?

Anyway, yesterday I was affirmed in my new habit of standing up for myself.

Last month I moved out of my apartment and about a week or so ago I received a notice from them that after my $500 deposit, I owed them $48 and change. They wanted to charge me for replacing the carpet and the dining room floor.

Well, when I moved in the carpet was so dirty it soiled the bottoms of my socks — before the movers ever arrived. And there was a huge gash in the dining room floor. On top of that, I’m very careful to take good care of my apartment, in part so I can get the maximum of my deposit back. So I was sure as H*** not going to pay for replacing those items.

As is my pattern, I got all upset when I read the note, and then I calmed down, researched how to write a letter in response disagreeing with their assessment and mailed it off.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from the apartment management company. The guy said, “I received your letter about your deposit. After looking at photos from the previous tenent’s file, I believe you are right about the carpet and the floor.”

I responded, “I believe so, too.”

So, not only do I not owe them $48 and change, they are now sending me a check for $275!

I stood up for myself and didn’t let unfair charges stand. I would have in the past. So yesterday I celebrated my bolder more assertive me!

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Now Its Your Turn
How did you celebrate you yesterday? Did you do something fun? Did something special happen that made you go, “Wow”? Please share your celebrations in the Facebook group and/or in comment below. You are worth celebrating!


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