Celebrate You! 2015 Day 27 Report

by | Aug 28, 2015 | 2015 Celebrate You!, Behind the Scenes, Celebrate You!

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Frankly, yesterday I was still coming down from the events of Wednesday. It was such an awesome day and I had such a good time. I kept reliving them throughout the day. Such as …

  • Tigger hugging me for a very long time. I let go three times before he did!
  • Thor acting all offended when I said my boyfriend didn’t want a picture with him, and the fun banter afterwards.
  • The romantic dinner at the Blue Bayou … we had non-alcoholic Mint Julips that were so good I asked for the recipe.

But yesterday had its charms, too.

I was pretty productive, especially with all the day-dreaming I was doing! I got work done, planned content for next month, and even confirmed a new client project. And, in the evening, I joined my boyfriend at his Toastmasters club, which was quite fun.

OK, not as celebratory as my birthday, but honestly … who could top that!?

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Now Its Your Turn
How did you celebrate you yesterday? Did you do something fun? Did something special happen that made you go, “Wow”? Please share your celebrations in the Facebook group and/or in comment below. You are worth celebrating!


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