Celebrate You! 2015 Day 16 Report

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Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, NV

Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, NV

On Interstate 15 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is a little town called Baker — “Gateway to Death Valley.” Well, although that is pretty accurate — it was 116° outside (proof below) — I think it should be known as the home of Alien Fresh Jerky.

temperture in Baker

I learned about this place over a decade ago while doing research on interesting roadside attractions. I even visited it a few years back. Since my boyfriend is also a science fiction fan, I knew he’d appreciate seeing the spot.

It did not disappoint.

Alien Fresh Jerky is just as delightful for the science fiction fan as I remember. They’re jerky flavors include such whimsical flavors as Abducted Cow Teriyaki Beef Jerky and BBQ on the Moon Beef Jerky; and they sell a lot of alien-themed products and kitch. And, of course, there is the alien-themed decor that allows visitors to even get a picture sitting with an alien!

There were a few changes and upgrades (with one thing missing that I was sad about) and stopping by to check it all out really celebrated my inner geek.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to see the larger picture and you’ll see how much I enjoy this kind of stuff.

Now Its Your Turn
How did you celebrate you yesterday? Did you do something fun? Did something special happen that made you go, “Wow”? Please share your celebrations in the Facebook group and/or in comment below. You are worth celebrating!


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