Celebrate You! 2015 Day 11 Report

by | Aug 12, 2015 | 2015 Celebrate You!, Behind the Scenes, Celebrate You!

look for the silver lining

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No matter how much things may go wrong, you can always find a silver lining.

Case in point: Last night, my boyfriend and I had a meeting with someone at 8pm. We were told be at a specific park at that time, because the person we were meeting had a Toastmasters meeting that ended at that time.

Well, we get there and there is no Toastmasters meeting. My boyfriend calls the lady and gets voice mail. Ug! We lugged ourselves out for this meeting — which was arranged in a way that had my ire going in the first place — and for nothing.

So, my boyfriend takes my hand and suggests we go for a walk in the park. It was nice.

After about a 20 minute walk, we got back in the car and started home.

That’s when the lady called back. We ended up meeting with her a little after 9pm at a Starbucks.

All’s well that end’s well!

commentNow Its Your Turn
How did you celebrate you yesterday? Did you do something fun? Did something special happen that made you go, “Wow”? Please share your celebrations in the Facebook group and/or in comment below. You are worth celebrating!


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