Celebrate You! 2016 Day 6

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Self-care is not necessarily a selfish act.

Everyone needs a little “me” time. For some that is a leisurely bubble bath … with candles lighting the room. For others it is reading a good book. Whatever it is for you, schedule some time to indulge — even if but for a short handful of minutes.

Self-care is what re-charges the batteries so we can continue to be out in the world doing whatever it is we do. It helps moms be better moms. Employees be better employees. And business owners be better business owners.

Self-care includes a wide ranges of activities, from eating right and exercising, to getting enough sleep, to indulging in something fun. It can mean spending an afternoon playing with the kids, going on a date with your significant other, or curling up with a good book. Self care means making sure that your needs are taken care of, regardless of what is going on in your life. It is putting on the oxygen mask first, so you can help another put on theirs.

Day 5 Exercise

In addition to your daily listing of things you love about yourself and catching yourself being Awesome (and celebrating it), today take some time to do something nice for yourself.

In order to make sure this indulgence is truly self-care and not self-sabotage (any one ever find it hard to not finish the whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?), make sure your “me” time doesn’t do anything harmful — like injure your self-worth in any way. If you think you’ll feel guilty and regretful afterward, it is not self care.

Want Brownie Points? Post something from your list of Awesome in the Facebook Group! And be sure to use the #CelebrateYou hashtag.


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