Business to Business Copy Should Be Conversational

by | Aug 26, 2008 | Marketing & Selling

About a month or so ago, I attended a networking meeting where the topic of the day was copywriting. One of the attendees raised her hand and said something to the effect that she understood why you would use conversational copy for consumers, but why business owners?

The speaker, in reply, asked her a series of questions.

  • Do you brush your teeth in the morning?
  • Eat breakfast?
  • Put your pants on one leg at a time?

She answered yes to all.

So, the speaker said, does all this change once you get into the office? She was stumped. It had not occurred to her that business people are people, too.

“In an age of social media and social networking, conversations are more valued than commanding corporate pronouncements,” a recent article in BtoB magazine started out. It continued to say that “it’s vital to converse with communities rather than lecture to a target audience.”

And this is so true.

If you’re reading this, you probably own a business or are looking at owning one. Is there any reason to believe that when you read something aimed at you the person and something else aimed at you the business owner that you are somehow a different person?

This is why, whether you are marketing to consumers or to businesses, you always keep in mind that you are marketing to people first. And people do business with people they know, like, and trust.

They buy benefits before they buy features.

Even if they say they are buying features, they are still buying the benefits they believe those features will give them. So, the next time you post something to Facebook … the next time you put together a marketing piece … keep in mind who you are communicating with … not what.


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