June 12, 2024

Build Your Author Platform: Essential Steps for Success

Essential Components of a Successful Online Presence that Sells Books


Are you struggling to make your mark as an author in the crowded online space? What if I told you that a few strategic steps could transform your online presence and captivate your readers like never before? In this video, I’m going to share the key steps of building a powerful author platform that not only showcases your work but also creates a thriving community of loyal readers.


00:00 Introduction: Transform Your Online Presence
00:47 Why an Author Platform Matters
01:14 Building Your Author Website
04:52 Creating an Engaging Social Media Presence
07:28 The Importance of an Email List
10:14 Crafting Your Media Kit
12:58 Consistency is Key
13:31 Conclusion and Additional Resources

Struggling to make your mark as an author in a crowded online space? In this comprehensive video, Carma Spence shares the key steps to building a powerful author platform that showcases your work and fosters a thriving community of loyal readers. Learn why an author platform is crucial for establishing credibility, connecting with readers, and supporting your marketing efforts.

From creating a professional website to engaging on social media and building an email list, Carma breaks down the essential components of an effective author platform. Discover how to choose the right domain name, design a mobile-friendly website, and craft compelling content that resonates with your audience. Dive into the strategies that will transform your online presence and attract more and better clients.

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Carma Spence

About Carma

Award-winning speaker, author, and editor, Carma Spence helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executives turn on The Author Switch so that they can leverage the power of books to take their businesses and careers to the next dimension. She is a two-times bestselling author, and using both experience and research, has created the Author Diagnostic System. She has 25+ years of marketing and public relations experience in the corporate world, and is certified in Author Marketing and the StoryWay methodology.

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