Celebrate You!

Do you want to grab all the gusto
your life has to offer?

Announcing a book that
helps you unveil your
true, magnificent self:

Celebrate You!
Own Your Awesome
in Business and Life

A practical guide to stepping into your power and owning your birth-rite awesomeness

Pulling from personal experience and study of Universal laws, Carma Spence interweaves a rich tapestry of memoir and practical advice for claiming your unique greatness and gifts for the world.

Projected Table of Contents

Chapter 1:   Inquire Within

Chapter 2:  Allow Yourself To Be Authentically You
Chapter 3:  Master Your Mindset

Chapter 4:  Accept Your Flaws and Release Guilt and Anger from Your Past
Chapter 5:  Write Down Your Goals and Vision
Chapter 6:   Educate Yourself About Universal Laws
Chapter 7:   Start Each Day with Gratitude
Chapter 8:  Observe Your Self Talk
Chapter 9:  Magnify the Positive in Your Life
Chapter 10: End Each Day with Celebration

Witness the Book Unfold

I began writing this book using speeches at my Toastmasters’ clubs to gain feedback and develop each message more deeply. Here are the three first chapters.

Chapter 1:
Inquire Within
Chapter 2:
Allow Yourself To Be Authentically You
Chapter 3:
Master Your Mindset

Keep Abreast of the Book’s Progress

If you’d like to receive updates about the book as they become available, from blog posts and videos to milestones met along the journey, please complete the form below.

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