Blogging Tips for Creative Professionals

by | May 15, 2010 | Creativity, Marketing & Selling

blogging tips four creative professionals
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How can creative professionals, such as artists, authors, chefs, entertainers, dancers and others, leverage the power of the blogging platform to support their career and business goals?

On Wednesday, I talked about the top 5 benefits of blogging and they all apply to creative professionals.

So, what do I mean?

Search Engine Optimization
The reason why a creative professional would have a website would be to be found on the web. SEO is one way to bring organic traffic to your website. This means that when your SEO is good, people you didn’t specifically tell to visit your website will find it and visit. This is a good thing, for serendipity lies there.

Expertise Status

isadora duncan and robert de niro
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Many creative professionals don’t think of themselves in the terms of “expert” or “thought leader.” But by their very nature, they are. Isadora Duncan was a thought leader in the field of modern dance. Robert De Niro is an expert actor. If you have studied your craft, perfected it to the best of your abilities, taking the raw natural talent you were born with and honed it with practice, then you are an expert at what you do. And a blog can be your vehicle for sharing that knowledge with others.

Client Attraction
The creative professional’s clients are necessarily the same as a service professionals. For example, your clients might be your fans … those individuals who buy your books, go to your live performances, and watch every TV show and commercial you appear in. Your “clients” might also be those individuals who will book you for your next gig. A blog can attract the attention of these individuals, just as it can a more traditional client.

Idea Incubator
I know of an artist who posts his latest works on his blog for feedback. He uses this feedback to improve the work so that the final painting will be the best it can be. Many a novelist has used the blogging platform to pre-publish the first draft of a novel or short story, using fan comments to improve the final work they submit to their agent or publisher. Creative professionals can use the interactive feature of blogs to incubate their creative ideas, developing their creative expressions more fully.

Public Relations
Creative professionals need to get the word out just as much as any other professional. A blog can empower them to do this easily, simply and cost-effectively.

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