Blogging Tips for Coaches

by | May 8, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

Blogging Tips for Coaches
Here are some tips on how to use your blog to promote your coaching practice.

Write about your topic of expertise.

Illustrate with your blog posts what areas you can help your clients with. If you are a marketing coach, talk about marketing. If you are a life coach, talk about life issues. If you are a parenting coach, talk about best parenting practices.

Share your success stories.

Profile willing clients. Share the successes your clients are having after working with you. Shine the light on their breakthroughs and illustrate how you helped them get there.

Take the pulse of your readership.

Post surveys and polls so you can stay on top of what your audience is most concerned about. Did something happen in the news that is related to what you coach about? Find out what your readership thinks about it.

Share your story.

Write about events in your life that relate to what you coach about. For example, if you are a parent who is also a parenting coach, you can talk about your own parenting challenges and how you overcame them. If you are a business coach, you can talk about lessons you’ve learned on your own entrepreneurial journey.

Keep your readers informed.

If you are actively attending or participating in events that your readers can attend too, blog about them so they can have the opportunity to meet you in person. You’d be surprise how this can greatly increase client acquisition.
Do you have blogging tips that fellow coaches can benefit from? Please share them as a comment below.

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