Blogging Tips for Artists

by | May 20, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

blogging tips for artistsArt is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and a blog can attract those individuals who behold your work and love it. But what should an artist blog about? Here are some ideas.

Share Your Work
I know of several artists who post their latest work on their blog. This works very well if you are creating at least one new work of art each week. Even better, write about the work, as well. What inspired you? Were you experimenting with a technique. These kinds of posts not only showcase your work, but they also give your fans insight into your creative process.

Share Who You Are
Art collector often are fascinated with the personality behind the art. So why not cultivate this relationship by sharing select moments from your life in your blog? You can talk about the works of others that inspired you to become an artist. You can talk about your latest art show. You can even talk about daily moments that bring you inspiration, from the flower blooming in your backyard to your child’s first steps.

Share Your Schedule of Events
Post before, during and after your shows. This lets more people know what’s coming up, helps those who can’t attend feel like they did, and establishes a history of shows.

Share Your Inspirations
Are you creating a work of art that is inspired by history, science or some other topic? Why not share what you learned and how it inspired your work. I know of an artist who creates sculptures inspired by DNA. A scientist I once interviewed created music from the DNA sequences of bacteria. If your art is informed by another discipline, this can create fodder for a number of interesting posts!

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