Blogging and Article Marketing: 5 Strategies and Their Pros & Cons

by | Mar 29, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

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One way to re-purpose your content is to use articles you write in both your article marketing and blogging efforts. There are several ways this can be done, each with their pros and cons. And, since clients are often asking me which method is the best, I thought I’d outline these methods and give you the information you need to know to make a strategic and informed choice.

Here are the different strategies you can use to re-purpose your content between blogging and article marketing and the things you need to consider before choosing one over the other:

1. Post an article to your blog first, then re-publish in an article directory.

When there is more than one version of an article on the web, search engines will give the highest rank to the one they indexed first, sometimes even ignoring altogether the ones they find afterward.

Therefore, if you are going to post your article to more than one place with changing the article at all, you want to publish to the place you want to rank highest first. Wait a few days then post it elsewhere. So, if you want your blog to rank higher, post the article there first.

If the article points back to your blog, having too much duplicate content can just frustrate your reader. Remember, they clicked on the link in your article to get more information … not just the same information.

I’ve used this method on occasion, but have not tracked it to see what effect it has had on my traffic.

2. Publish an article to an article directory, then re-publish to your blog.

This is a good strategy if you’re only blogging for SEO reasons. It saves you time and lets your article directory articles get higher search engine rankings.

Again, if your article points back to your blog, you may frustrate your readers.

I have not used this method.

3. Publish an article to an article directory, then summarize on your blog and point back to the article directory.

Your article gets a higher ranking, you still get content for your blog.

Does your article point to your blog? Now you’re creating a reciprocal link which can actually lower your search engine ranking in both locations.

I use this technique on my Home Sweet Home Page website, primarily because I wanted content to be there, but was not concerned about the loss of backlink juice.

4. Post an article to your blog first, then re-write and publish in an article directory … or vice versa.

You’ve created unique content for both your blog and article directories, but have saved time because you only needed to edit the first version to create the second.

If you don’t change the article enough, you may end up with the very same “cons” I’ve mentioned above.

I’ve used this technique quite a bit. It helps me develop content for various sites when I’m at a loss for words. (Yeah, I know that sounds impossible, but, trust me, it is.)

5. Choose a topic and write different articles on that topic, some going on your blog, others to article directories.

This is probably your most powerful option … you are creating unique content for all the place you will post it and you save time because the more you write about a focused topic, the easier it gets.

Of all the methods, this one takes the most time and effort.

I use this method the most. I’ve found that it gives me the best of all worlds and helps me develop my writing skills more. Also, I believe that when you do this, you are more apt to write articles that will appeal to different people. You may have two articles that say basically the same thing, but one resonates with reader A more than the other. Therefore your message will reach more people.

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