How You Know if You Are Being Your Own Person | Video

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Authenticity, Video

Are you being your own person? Or what others expect or want you to be? Answer the questions in this video to find out!

The customs and traditions you were brought up with will, to some degree, affect the type of person you will become. But there is still nothing wrong with wanting to be true to yourself and becoming your own person. So how do you know if you are actually doing this? Answer these three questions:

Do you express your own thoughts and opinions?

Being your own person requires that you express your own independent thoughts, feelings, and opinions. There is nothing wrong with agreeing with others. However, if you do this most—if not all—the time, you are clearly not living life authentically.

How assertive are you?

Are you confident enough to express your own thoughts and feelings? Or do you let others take the lead? I’m not saying that you have to be the leader in every situation, but if you never assert yourself, you can’t live authentically either.

When you are not being your own person, it is very likely that you will be uncomfortable. Things will feel off and you may experience depression. Conversely, when you are comfortable in your own skin, you have accepted the person you are. You may ask others for advice; however, you don’t depend on it to move forward, nor follow it blindly.

How did you do?

Where are you doing well and where do you need some work?

If you need to improve your confidence and assertiveness, there are plenty of books on Amazon—or your local—library that can give you some good advice. You might also consider journaling. And, of course, you can also hire a life or confidence coach to help you out, as well.


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