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by | Oct 23, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

Part Six of:

Is Your Copy Convincing? 7 Ways to Show Authority In Your Writing

This is the sixth post in a series of seven blog posts where I will share seven ways to show authority in your writing. This series is an expansion of an article I posted to

6. Back Up Your Claims
You don’t want to just stand on a hill and proclaim your superior knowledge. This won’t give you authority … for long … it will build distrust and possibly resentment. So back up your expertise with solid proof.

As mentioned in my last post, facts and figures can be used for this purpose, but case studies and testimonials also work well.

For example, remember a my story about the Baltimore Sun? That story implied third-party endorsement. Think about it: If the Baltimore Sun picked up my story, I must have some idea of how to write a press release well, right?

Do you have any success stories you can share? Have your clients or customers prospered or found success using your products or services? Then tell their story in a case study. You not only will bolster your expertise status, but you’ll be giving a little free promotion love to your clients.

When you can, be detailed about your proof. Cite resources and references. Don’t be shy. In fact, seek out experts, resources and reference that will prove your points. Remember, Associating yourself with experts, believe it or not, can lend you expert status, as well.

The last post in this series will cover following the rules of grammar. If you missed the first five posts, you can find them here:


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