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by | Dec 21, 2008 | Marketing & Selling

You’ve got a blog, podcast, and/or ezine. In what way can you keep finding new subjects to write about? Keep your finger on the pulse of your subject by having RSS feeds for your preferred keywords come to your inbox automatically.

Who are the top dogs in your field?

Being the astute business owner you are, you know who the top dogs in your niche are. In fact, you might be one of them! But it can be hard to keep up with what’s going on if you don’t automate your monitoring. Go to the top dogs’ blogs and subscribe to the RSS feed. You’ll get a notification every time something new is published.

If no blog is available, see if they are contributing to an article directory like There are lots of directories that offer the ability to subscribe to the author-specific RSS feeds. You get information every time a new article is added.

Keep tabs on what is going on in your niche news.

Oftentimes, you can subscribe to an RSS feed of press releases. Find a reputable press release directory, such as PRWeb, and subscribe to the RSS feed that makes the most sense for you. This way, you ensure that you are on top of every breaking news story in whatever topic, niche, or industry you choose.

Using Google News, you can make your own RSS feeds.

I have to say, this is certainly my fave technique. Type into your browser. After the page loads, the “News Alerts” link can be found in the navigation bar at the left. This will take you to a “Google Alert” page, allowing you to search for the terms you are most interested in.

Generate alerts for all your intended keywords and you will get an email every time Google finds something on the web posted with that particular keyword. You may use it to explore only news, blogs, web, groups, or video, but I generally opt for “comprehensive.” This provides a wider range of alerts and is a more robust way of keeping track of what is happening to your keywords around the Internet.

Use these suggestions and you will never fall short of ideas!

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