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June 12, 2024 | Episode 143

5 Powerful Strategies for Author Authority to Gain Expert Status

Transform Your Book into an Expert Status Magnet


Have you wondered how your book can elevate you to expert status? Watch now for the five powerful strategies to transform from author to authority.

Key Takeaways

  • Contribute expert articles and quotes related to your book
  • Offer consulting or coaching related to your book’s topic
  • Pitch for media interviews and feature articles
  • Create info products like courses or masterclasses
  • Explore corporate training or licensing opportunities

Summary of 5 Powerful Strategies for Author Authority to Gain Expert Status:

In this episode, Carma shares five powerful strategies that will transform any author into an authority in their field. From leveraging your book to create expert articles and quotes to offering coaching and consulting, Carma covers essential tips to enhance your credibility and visibility.

Whether you’re looking to get media interviews, create info products, or explore corporate training and licensing opportunities, this episode provides actionable insights to help you position yourself as a recognized expert. Don’t miss these valuable tips that can elevate your author status and make your book a magnet for authority.

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About Your Host: Carma Spence

Award-winning speaker, author, and editor, Carma Spence helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executives turn on The Author Switch so that they can leverage the power of books to take their businesses and careers to the next dimension. She is a two-times bestselling author, and using both experience and research, has created the Author Diagnostic System. She has 25+ years of marketing and public relations experience in the corporate world and is certified in Author Marketing and the StoryWay methodology.
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