Attracting Ideal Clients with Understanding

by | Feb 6, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

One of the six questions your home page, landing page, squeeze page or sales page must answer is “Do you understand my needs?”

Basically, they want to know that you understand them … if you can illustrate that you do, then they’ll opt in to your list, buy your products and hire your services. But if you can’t show them that you understand their needs, they’ll click away and find someone who does. So, how does a web page answer this question?

Through it’s words:

Do you speak your target market’s language? Do you use the same words, phrases and idioms that they do. For example … does a doctor have customers? No. They use the word “patients.” Does a coach have customers? No. They use the word “clients.” Each group of individuals develops their own “group language” … so be sure you’re using the right words to speak to that group.

Through it’s imagery:

If you were a woman business owner, which image would tell you that a website was meant for you? A professionally dressed man at a computer, a casually dressed teen at a computer? Or a nicely dressed woman at a computer? All three people are at a computer, suggesting that the website might be about computers or the Internet or online business. But the person at the computer also suggests the target market.

Through it’s tone of voice:

Is your copy perky? technical? subdued? Each tone will attract and repel different kinds of people. Tone can be conveyed through word choice, punctuation and imagery. Make sure you choose your tone strategically and that all elements of your webpage support that tone.

Through titles and headlines:

The title of your opt-in bonus will say a lot about who it is meant for … be sure you are using the right title. Also, your headlines … which are written for both scanners (people do won’t read all your copy) and readers (people who will) … will convey a subtle message about who you are talking to. So, be clear on who you want your website to talk to and then be sure that you are speaking that group’s language both with words and images.

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