Attracting Ideal Clients with the Right Home Page Copy

by | Feb 7, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

One of the five deadly mistakes of home page design is poor use of copy and copy optimization techniques. When your home page says the right things in the right way, it will attract and convert more members of your target market. There are areas of home page copy that you need to think about and work on until it is optimized for your ideal clients. Here are some starter guidelines for each one:


Your headlines are going to be the first text a visitor to your website will read. It needs to be strong and compelling:

  • It can mention the most desired benefit of working with you.
  • It can arouse curiosity about what you’ll say next.
  • It can be authoritative, commanding the visitor to take a specific action.

You can find plenty of advice on headlines online. I recommend these resources:

  • 22 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas that Work from
  • 10 headline formulas that work like magic, from
  • 5 Sure-Fire Social Media Headline Formulas That Work, from Pronet Advertising
  • 10 Winning Headline Formulas …, by Daniel Levis


A subhead is like a transition from the headline into the body of the copy. It explains what the headline was getting at in a little more detail and urges the reader to read on. Subheads also break up the copy on the page. In fact, there will be many visitors to your site who will read the subheads first, using them as a guide as to whether the rest of the content is worth reading or not. They can follow many of the same guidelines that headlines do, but they can be longer and more conversational, too. Here are a few resources for writing subheads:

Tone and Voice

All writing has a voice and the copy for your website is no different. The tone and voice you use for your home page copy should accomplish two things:

  • Establish your personality
  • Illustrate that you speak your target market’s language

Many copy writing gurus will teach you to write with an in-your-face style … but my advice to you is that if you are not an in-your-face kind of person, don’t do that. Your copy should be an expression of who you are and be authentic to your communication style. You want to attract ideal clients, right? So if you would be turned off by your copy, why do you think that people who would want to work with you would be different?

home sweet home page
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