Content Marketing Tips: Answer Burning Questions

by | Aug 26, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

Here’s an article marketing tip: You need to get your articles read in order to have them help you accomplish your content marketing goals. One way to get your article read is to answer the burning questions of your target market. What keeps them up at night? What are they searching the Internet for answers for?

This post was updated on February 6, 2020

Content Marketing Tips: Answer Burning Questions

Let’s say your niche is “holiday gifts”. What are people interested in this topic craving an answer for? How do you find out?

My tip: Do some keyword research.

When I did a quick search on SEO Book’s keyword tool, I found several keyword phrases with a Google daily estimated search volume of 50 or more that looked promising:

  • unique holiday gifts
  • unusual holiday gifts
  • holiday gifts for coworkers
  • homemade holiday gifts
  • last minute holiday gifts
  • holiday food gifts
  • make my own holiday gifts
  • inexpensive holiday gifts

There were more, but these looked like something I could write an article about without doing too much further research. These phrases also implied a burning question. For example, “How do I make my holiday gifts stand out and be special?” or “How can I give affordable gifts that are also meaningful?”

Another useful way to discover burning questions is to Google your keyword and then look for the “People also ask” section. There I found:

  • What are the best Christmas gifts?
  • What are the hot gifts this year
  • What are some thoughtful gifts?

Click on the down arrow next to the question and more questions will be added to the list.

Once you know what the burning questions are, you can answer them in your article. Better yet, create a product or opt-in bonus that answers the question at a deeper level and use the article to tease them with part of the answer. Your resource box then points them to your more developed answer to their burning question.

Now, to make sure that your article is found, you’ll need to optimize it for the keyword phrase. So, let’s say you’ve chosen to write your article about “holiday gifts for coworkers.”

The first thing you need to do is include that phrase as early in your article title as possible. For example: “Holiday Gifts for Coworkers That Are Memorable.”

Then you need to use the keyword phrase in your article a few times. But don’t overdo it. About once for every 150 to 175 words is good.

Using these quick article marketing tips, you can develop several articles to post to your blog and even submit as guest posts and start driving focused traffic to your website or offer.


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