Article Marketing for Coaches

by | Feb 23, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

article marketing for coaches
Article marketing is an excellent way to promote your coaching business. It supports your expertise status and helps you develop good quality off-page search engine optimization (SEO). And there are a variety of ways you can do it.

Step 1: What is your niche topic?
What over-arching topic do you coach people around? For example, I coach around the topic of online presence.

Step 2: How can you break that larger topic into bite-sized topics?
Each article you write needs to be tightly focused. So, you need to break your larger niche topic into smaller sub-topics that you write about. For example, in my business I can write about home page design, article marketing, social networking and any of a number of other topics that can affect someone’s online presence.

Step 3: Choose where you will post your articles.
There are numerous ways you can do this … some will even pay you. Here are the two places that I’ve found give me the best return on my investment of time and energy:

  • – this is the highest ranked article directory and gives my articles a very good chance of being found.
  • – if you can write about your topic with a local angle, then becoming an Examiner can be worth your while. It will get you press passes into events, a foot in the door for interviews, and it pays you a small amount of money to do that. I’m the Long Beach Writing Examiner and earn at least $35 per month for my efforts, along with increasing visibility in my community.

Step 4: Set up a publishing schedule and stick to it.
Article marketing is a long-term strategy that builds up over time. If you stick to a regular publishing schedule, you can increase your results. For example, I’ve taken some time off from posting to, and have noticed a dip in the traffic I get from some of my articles.

Other places that you can post your article to that are worth checking out include:

  • Yahoo! Contributor Network – This is a news focused article directory that will pay you for your articles. Because it is part of the Yahoo! network, your articles have a slightly greater chance of being seen that on other, less networked article directories.
  • – If you can follow their tight format, this one can be useful, too. However, it is harder to self-promote with this site, as they don’t really allow for a resource box.
  • Press release distribution sites – If you can write news-worthy articles, posting them on press release distribution sites can get you more visibility.


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