Article Marketing Can Drive Affiliate Sales

by | Aug 24, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

Would you like to know a simple formula for using article marketing to drive affiliate sales? A formula that will not only help you increase your affiliate earnings, but will build you a list of targeted people interested in your topic?

What if I told you that this formula only really had three steps … once you found your niche and products to promote, of course?

Well, here it is:

Now let me explain this formula in a little more detail.

You write articles about a niche topic … let’s say underwater basket weaving. Each article will be about a specific aspect of this topic, such as left-handed techniques, right-handed techniques, choosing the right reeds to weave with, air tank selection, etc. Each of these articles ends with a resource box and in that resource box, you offer the reader a free bonus gift if they visit your squeeze page.

Squeeze Page
Your squeeze page could be a straight squeeze page or, for more advanced affiliate marketers, it could be a blog, either way on this landing page you’ve just sent the reader to is an opt-in box with a special offer enticing the reader to join your list.

Now that the reader is on your list, you can start to build a reputation with him or her by providing quality content … articles, tips, advice, etc. … mixed in with recommendations for related affiliate products.

You see, the article is not really the best place to sell. For one, if you send the reader directly through your affiliate link, you miss out on growing your list and on future sales to that person. Second of all, most readers will not buy on the first exposure to the product. So, by getting them on your list, you are able to expose them to the product more than once.

Just remember to balance what you send the people on your list … you’ll have a very high unsubscribe rate if you only promote, promote, promote.


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