Article Marketing and Outsourcing

by | Aug 27, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

article marketing and outsourcing
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The typical article marketing process is as follows:

  • Keyword research
  • Writing articles
  • Posting articles to first directory
  • Posting articles as is or with some “spinning” to additional directories

Do you have to all these tasks?

No, you don’t. But you need to be smart about what you outsource and to whom you outsource it.

Keyword Research
This task can be easily taken care of by a virtual professional who knows their way around keyword research tools … if you know what topic to start them off on. If you are unclear as to what key words and phrases describe what you want to write about, then outsourcing will be problematic for you.

Writing Articles
Ideally, you should be the one writing your articles. But you don’t necessarily need to start from scratch. For one, if you’ve got the key word research in front of you, this should give you a jump start.

Then there is private label rights (PLR) content. I don’t recommend using PLR content as is, but it can be an excellent starting point to get you going.

You can outsource this task, but be careful. If these articles are going to be published with your name in the by line, make sure that you are comfortable with the content before it gets posted.

Posting Articles to Primary Article Directory
Your virtual assistant can easily do this task. Once you’ve got your system set up, you can entrust this task to someone that has some understanding of your audience and the key words that relate to your articles. The key word research can help with this.

Spinning Articles
There are software and “humanware” services that will “spin” or lightly re-write articles for you. This task is optional but recommended. So, if you find someone or a service that you trust will not garble your spun articles, you can outsource this task.

Posting Articles to Additional Directories
The same assistant who posts your articles to the primarily directory, should also post them to secondary directories. This is so your articles don’t get posted to the same directory more than once. If one person does (or at least manages and tracks) this task, you’ll be able to manage your overall article marketing much better.

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Do you have any ideas, suggestions or opinions about outsourcing article marketing tasks? Are there other steps in the article marketing process that you think can be outsourced? Please share your tips, ideas and comments using the “Reply” box below.

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