Are you worthy?

by | Jun 26, 2014 | Mindset, Video

Are you paid what you are worth?
Are you sure of your answer?

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Over the next several weeks, I’m going to take you on a journey through Soul Dancer’s free Pay Me What I’m Worth course on PWR Network … and then I’m going to invite you to join me in delving into the course more deeply.

NOTE: The video content is separate and different from the audio/text content.

I “met” Soul back in 2010 when I put out a call for speakers on HARO (Help A Reporter Out) for my upcoming book Public Speaking Super Powers. He not only became one of my featured speakers, he’s become a friend, as well.

His book, Pay Me What I’m Worth is challenging in that it pushes you to truly explore who you are and what you have to offer the world. I’ve read the book … without doing the exercises … and now, as a part of my commitment to model my brand, to model what “owning your awesome” might look like, I’ve decided to revisit the book more fully.

Soul has transformed the book into a successful educational program that is offered throughout the country and now also on the PWR Network. Please join me as I chronicle my experience of going through the free version of the course.

Introduction: What is worth?

In the introductory class, Soul and several others, explore what the concept of worth truly means. Does it always relate to money? Or are there other expressions of worth?

The conversation included thoughts on giving, receiving and compliments. Something that Soul said during the conversation really spoke to me: “the more I can learn to receive with ease, the more I can give with grace.”

So many people have an unbalanced view of giving and receiving. Ever hear the phrase, “it is better to give than to receive”?

Utter hogwash!

How can you give anything if someone does not receive?

And yet, so many … myself included … have bought into that statement on some level and in so doing have let our “receiving muscle” atrophy.

I’ve been consciously working on this for several years now … and, I’m happy to report, I no longer cringe when someone (men especially) tell me I’m smart or beautiful or whatever compliment they choose to offer.

I think it is a sad statement that I ever cringed at all.

If you don’t accept compliments … if you lessen them by responding with some diminishing statement such as “Oh this old thing?” or “I just followed the recipe” (some of my favorite comebacks) … you are not only throwing a gift back in the complimenter’s face, you are also not owning and accepting your worth.

When you don’t accept a compliment you are telling your subconscious that you are not worthy of praise.

Why is that? Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? Then why argue that this person thinks you’re beautiful? If “there is no accounting for taste,” if we all have our own way of experiencing the world, then who is to say that the person complimenting you isn’t experiencing something wonderful about you that you are, for whatever reason, blind to?

It is often easier to see value in others than ourselves. But you can turn that around by working your “receiving muscle” and making it stronger. You deserve to do that work. This course can help you do that.

This first audio is definitely worth a listen!


The second audio in the Introduction has the participants sharing their baseline confidence emotionally, physically and spiritually. The conversation moves from there into how external scenarios, such as the holidays, can affect those baseline levels. If I had been apart of this conversation, I might have shared something like this:

Emotionally, 2-9 – Since the attack in March, my emotions have been on something of a roller coaster ride. Some days I am my normal, happy, level 9 self. At others, I experience irrational fear and a sense of my life is somehow out of my control. Thankfully, as time passes and I continue my self-work, I’m spending more time at level 9 than level 2.

Physically, 6 – Since going through a 10-day green smoothie cleanse, I’m feeling great. I’ve now incorporated green smoothies into my daily diet. That said, my weight isn’t where I want it to be, but I’m on track to getting there by March of next year.

Spiritually, 9 – Over the past several weeks, I’ve felt more and more connected to the divine. I’ve had some amazing spiritual/metaphysical/mindset shift experiences. I finally feel like I’m truly on my path and feel energized and excited to be living my message. In fact, these experiences are part of what prompted me to do this Pay Me What I’m Worth challenge.

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  1. Soul

    Aloha Carma! I’m delighted you’ve joined our series! We look forward to watching this series as you wander through our program! We’re here to serve. We look forward to seeing you (and those who dare to join you) in class!


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