Are you listening to your emotional cues?

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Planning Your Business, Video, Weekday Wisdom

Weekday Wisdom, Episode 50

Do you listen to your emotional responses? That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s Weekday Wisdom.

Are you listening to your emotional cues?
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Today I’m going to talk about question number 10 in the quiz I gave you way back in Episode 40. Question 10 is:

“I notice and heed the emotional signals that tell me I’m out of balance:
irritability, overwhelm, resentment.
True or false?

Now if you’re a typical busy entrepreneur it is really hard to say “true” to this one. You get caught up in all the things you need to get done, need to get done, need to get done, that sometimes you just don’t pay attention to the fact that you’re just more irritable than normal … or that you’re feeling overwhelmed … or that you’re starting to resent what you have to do.

Of course, sometimes when you’re feeling irritable it may be for other reasons. Maybe you haven’t had enough sleep. Maybe it’s that time of the month. All sorts of things can cause irritability: hunger, hormones, lack of sleep. However, you’ve got to pay attention and ask yourself: Are those things that are causing you to be irritable because you’re not paying attention to your own needs? Or is it just something that’s happening?

Same thing with overwhelm. Sometimes when you’re overwhelmed, you feel overwhelmed because you feel like there’s all the stuff you have to do and there’s this much time in which you need to do it. Believe me, I know this one. Especially when you’re doing a side hustle. In this case, you’ve got your day job, which takes up 40 hours a week, plus travel time. And you’re trying to get this side business going. And especially in the beginning, there’s all this stuff that needs to happen. And you want it to happen now. But due to limits on your time and availability, it’s going to take like a year or more. Believe me, I know.

But those are the times when you need to start setting limits. One thing I like to do is I set a limit for when I work at home after work. I don’t work past 7 pm. That gives me from 7 pm to about 10 pm to wind down, spend some time with my husband, take care of me. Now I don’t always do that, sometimes I’m on a roll. And that’s okay. When you’re on a roll, when you’re in the zone, it’s OK to do a little bit more than you normally would. You don’t want to lose that momentum.

Listen to your overwhelm and see if there are limits you can put on. Yes, things might take a little bit longer than you originally thought, but the price you’re paying with overwhelm is probably going to be too high.

And finally with resentment. That is the worst. When you find yourself resenting anything your life, it is time to take a good, hard look and see what is it that’s causing that resentment and fix it. Resentment festers. It turns into anger, and that anger can burst outward onto people who do not deserve it. Or it can fester inward and cause all sorts of dis-ease or disease.

So, I challenge you: Take a look at what your emotions are telling you about how you’re managing your time and start putting in some self-care into what you do daily, weekly and monthly. You don’t want to poison your life or your business with any of these emotions of irritability, overwhelm, or resentment. Especially resentment.

Don’t box yourself in. Think outside the box!
Spread your wings and fly.
Because of you — yes you, you right there — are capable of more than you know.

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