Anatomy of a Creative Entrepreneur

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Self Discovey

anatomy of an entrepreneur
At Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Entrepreneur Conference, Larry Broughton shared this page from his notebook illustrating the anatomy of an entrepreneur.

Creative entrepreneurs, those whose entrepreneurship is an expression of their creativity, have all these attributes, but something a bit different, too.

Let me explain.

All entrepreneurs have “entrepreneurial DNA,” an almost instinctual drive to create business income. Creative entrepreneurs add a twist to this drive. Not only do they need to create business income, but that business needs to be an expression of or an outlet for their creativity.

Passion fuels all entrepreneurs. But creative entrepreneurs have not only a passion for their vision, but also how that vision needs to be expressed.

Passion fuels the entrepreneurial fire in our gut. This fire drives our actions. Entrepreneurs are chronic action takers. What sets creative entrepreneurs apart from others is the nature of that action. They are, buy definition, creative. What drives them is the expression of that creativity. Without creative outlet, they feel empty and their results feel hollow.

Money is great, and definitely one of the expected outcomes, but it is not the motivating forces.

Now its your turn:
Do you identify with being a creative entrepreneur? What do you think of the “anatomy of an entrepreneur” concept and how I interpreted it for creative entrepreneurs? How did you uncover you entrepreneurial DNA? How do you express creativity in your business? Share your insights and revelations in a comment below.


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