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by | Feb 24, 2015 | Mindset

"It may not always be fun, but is always good." - Carma Spene

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Find the lesson in all things, because your experiences make you who you are.

“It may not always be fun, but is always good.”

~ Carma Spence


Byron Katie once said that “Everything happens for you, not to you.” When you choose to see all the experiences in your life through that lens, then you’ll realize that it may not always be fun, but is always good.

So, when something thing happens that isn’t all that fun, look for the lesson so that you can have a better experience in the future. Also, if you really want to grow, look for the empowering lesson in the experience.

For example: I was attacked by a now ex-boyfriend. What were the lessons I could have learned from that experience?

Disempowering lessons:

  • All men are jerks! I’m never going to date again!
  • Men are dangerous and untrustworthy.
  • I make bad choices in men and can no longer trust myself in dating.

These are lessons I could have taken from that experience. But what good would those lessons do me? They merely lead to more unhappiness, frustration and lack of fulfillment. And, they very well could lead to more experiences just like the original one! Basically, these lessons make me the victim of forces outside my control. They take my responsibility away from me.

Empowering lessons:

  • I have a pattern. I am now aware of that pattern and can take steps to break it.
  • My intuition was pinging me, I need to pay more attention to my intuition.
  • There were red flags. I need to get better at recognizing them earlier.

Notice the difference? These lessons give me something to work with to improve myself and make better decisions in the future. They empower me to make a difference in my life. And, they all have me taking responsibility for my life and therefore not a victim of the whims of fate.

So, I say again, it may not always be fun but is always good — if you look for the empowering lessons.


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