Alternative Types of Article Marketing for Creative Professionals

by | Feb 4, 2011 | Creativity, Marketing & Selling

article marketing alternatives
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When most people talk about article marketing, they are talking about the process where you writer articles and post them to article directories. This is a really good technique if your business is not only based on your expertise, but you get paid for being an expert.

But what if you’re another type of creative professional? Maybe you’re an artist who sells their art, and doesn’t teach art. Maybe you’re a fiction writer whose work isn’t based on extensive research. Maybe you’re an entertainer who has no side business as a speaker or teacher. Then how does article marketing fit into your business or career?

Well, the description above isn’t the complete story about article marketing. A larger view of article marketing also includes:

  • Posting press releases that point to your website.
  • Having interviews with you posted on other people’s websites.
  • Having your opinion pieces published by others.

Basically, if there is an article, written by your or about you, that is posted online and points people to your website, it can be considered part of your article marketing strategy.

So, if articles that showcase your expertise don’t move you toward your career or business goals, then one of these other strategies might.

Press Releases
Post press releases that announce important events such as:

  • Appearing at an event
  • Publishing a book
  • Getting a book deal
  • Signing a movie deal
  • Hosting an event

Or anything else that is, at least on some level, newsworthy. Be sure to include keywords that someone would use to find information about you in the title and the first paragraph.

Give Interviews
Make yourself available for interviews to the press, bloggers and other businesses that serve an overlapping target market. These folks are often looking for content their readers are hungry for and if you can help them with that by being interviewed, so much the better.

You can facilitate this by having interview questions already prepared (but still be open to ones they come up with). Then start contacting potential interviewers and let them know you’re available and what you can talk about.

Publish Opinion Pieces
Has something happened in the news that is related to what you do? Write up your opinion about it and get it published on your blog, someone else’s blog or even in an op-ed section of an online newspaper or magazine.

I’ve often seen articles written by fiction writers, artists and other creative professionals that talk about what they think about some current event. From the state of horror fiction to the changing length of women’s skirts … the event is related to your work, someone will want to read your opinion.

However, you need to be quick with this strategy. If you get your opinion out too late, after the interest in the event has died, no one will care.

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