8 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Promote Your Business

by | Sep 21, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

One way a virtual assistant can support your business is to help you with promotions. Here are seven ways that you can use a VA to promote your business:

Blogging Assistance
Many virtual assistants know how to set up a blog, and even more know how to post content to a blog. These are tasks you don’t need to be doing, so why not have an assistant help you out? Depending on the VA’s skill level, the person can simply post articles you’ve written or can ghost write them for you.

Social Media Assistance
Virtual assistants can set up your social media profiles so they are consistent. They can also monitor activity and notify you when something needs your attention. If you use Twitter, a VA can vet your followers, following only those who would be relevant for you and your business. They can also post promotional tweets for you and post thank you responses for re-tweets and other mentions. If you use Facebook, a VA can maintain your friends … accepting invites, answering questions and so forth. That said, do not hand over everything about your social networking to your VA. This could badly damage your reputation should the word get out.

Article Submission
Virtual assistants can be a bit help with your article marketing efforts. They can post new articles for you, spin blog posts into articles and submit them, monitor your article marketing stats and provide you with the results. They can format the articles and make sure they conform to each directory’s guidelines. Basically, they can do all the busy work that goes into article marketing.

List Building Assistance
A virtual assistant can manage your email marketing, help you develop and implement new opt-in bonuses and provide customer service via email. They can trouble shoot your process, set up follow-up emails and more.

Information Product Production
Regardless of what type of information products you product — ebook, audio, CD, workbook, etc. — a VA can help you format and set it up. If you are creating a physical product, a VA can work with your vendor and manage the production process. If you are creating a downloadable product, they can format and set that up for you, too!

Joint Venture Management
A virtual assistant can help you find and manage your joint venture partnerships. They can help you find and manage affiliates, too.

Web Event Management
There are a lot of pieces of the puzzle that need to be put into place to run successful teleseminars, webinars and other online events. A virtual assistant can help set these up and manage them behind the scenes, freeing you up to be the star of the show!

Booking Speaking Engagements
Public speaking is an excellent way to get the word out about what you have to offer. But it can be time consuming to do all the pre-work that goes into setting up a speaking engagement either in person or on a radio show. A virtual assistant can do the research, make the calls and conduct the follow up that will get you more speaking gigs.


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