5 Ways to Get Intimate with Your Money

by | Aug 14, 2014 | Mindset

This article was scheduled to go out tomorrow, but I’m running a bit behind in my Pay Me What I’m Worth series and am using this extra day to make the post its best.

I came across this article a few days ago and was struck how well it fits in with my Money Loves Attention free report (now retired), as well as much of my coaching work, so I just had to share it with you.

5 Ways to Get Intimate with Your Money
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5 Ways to Get Intimate with Your Money

By Amanda Moxley

Where attention goes, energy flows!

1. Create a Sacred Money Night once a month to review your money outflows (bills)
By creating a sacred money night you are infusing your interaction with money with gratitude, grace, attention and love. Light candles, use essential oils, take a bath, wear some sexy lingerie, have some dark chocolate make it fun!

Pick a set day each month (or each week) in which you will sit down and look at your outflows and take care of your bills. Lots of times, you may have a boat load of different emotions around your outflows. This sacred money night will infuse your money with love which will lift your vibration and allow more money to flow to you with ease and joy.

Helpful tip: You can designate this night to get all of your bank statements and bills statements organized and delivered to your book keeper. I recommend hiring a book keeper unless you are a wizard and it brings you ecstatic joy at doing your own books. Just sayin’.

Carma’s Note: I recommend something similar (although not as sexy) when I talk about setting a money date. In fact, I have a mini money date every day where I stay on top of my inflows and outflows. I’ve caught mistakes and potential threats early enough to prevent stress because of this habit.

2. Track every dollar, penny, pound, cent, check, cash, gift, refund, rebate, found money that comes across your fingertips/bank account every day 365 days a year.
No matter what! Money like anything else likes to be paid attention to!

By tracking your money on a physical piece of paper every day you will always know how much money you have and how much you have made year to date so that you can be in track and in line with your SOUL money goal. This is a crucial STEP in putting a fork in your f’in money story! Do it!

Carma’s Note: I provide my clients with a special sheet just for tracking this inflow of money. Most people find that they receive much more money than they thought in a typical month!

3. Track your SOUL MONEY GOAL every day.
On a large 8 x 10 piece of paper write out your SOUL money Goal. And every time you receive money subtract that number from your SOUL money goal so that you can track how much money you need to manifest in order to reach your SOUL money goal.


I am easily and joyfully attracting and receiving $500,000 by December 31, 2014. I am so happy and grateful to be receiving and serving this money by December 31, 2014. It is simple and doable. I see it now.

  • 1/1/14 $25,000 received…. $475,000 to GO!!
  • 1/5/14 $12,000 received …..$463,000 to GO!!
  • 1/10/14 $500 received….. $462,500.. to Go!!

And So on…every day until you have zero to go….

I like to write my affirmation in beautiful colored sharpie pens and then use a purple marker to write my inflows. I do this every day I receive money. This is very encouraging to watch your number go down signifying that you are closer to your SOUL MONEY GOAL.

See the Soul Money Goal article on my blog if you don’t have your soul money goal yet! Read it here!

Carma’s Note: This concept is similar to one I have on the tracking sheet I mentioned above. On the tracking sheet there is a place to put down the goal for the month and at the end the gap between what you actually received and that goal. More often than not, as your mindset and confidence shifts, that gag becomes smaller and smaller until you’re comfortable enough to raise your monthly goal and start again. That said, I like Amanda’s idea of a Soul Money Goal.

4. Get intimate with your numbers every day.
Maybe you’re the type who doesn’t like to look at your bank account balance. You’d prefer to avoid it all together because it produces so many emotions. Well honey, that’s gotta change if you want to end yo’ money drama. You got to get intimate with your money if you want more of it!

I would recommend using an online banking system so that you can check your balance every day. Knowing your money status will eliminate your anxiety and will keep you connected to your money.

Set up a daily ritual in which you look at your bank balance every day. Even if it’s a negative balance, form the habit of looking within every day. Choose your time to look at your numbers and stick to it.

Helpful hint: Set up your mobile phone to your bank and check your status on your smart phone.

You can also set up notifications for when your balance reaches a certain number or if your transaction is more than a certain number. There are lots of ways in which you can make this fun and easy. Be creative.

Carma’s Note: This is the daily money date I discussed above.

5. Choose to feel GOOD NOW about your money. Be grateful for money. Appreciate your money and the money that is coming to you. Be thankful for all of the money that you have had in your life! But most importantly choose to feel GOOD about money now!

Carma’s Note: Read my interpretation of Tony Robbin’s quote, posted yesterday and you’ll see how I feel about this idea. (Hint: It totally rocks!)

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