5 Uses for Podcasting in Your Business

by | Sep 4, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

Podcasting, or syndicated audio content, can be a great tool for promoting and growing your business. In this post, I’m going to discuss five ways that you can use podcasting in your business.

1. List Building
Blogs, ezines and special reports are common enticements used to grow a list. But did you know you can use a podcast, or even an Internet radio show, to do the same thing? Better yet, you can reach an audience that you wouldn’t reach with those other methods.

Let me explain. Instead of (or in addition to, your choice) spending your time writing blog posts or pulling together a monthly ezine, why not spend 30 minutes creating a podcast. You can do this weekly or monthly … your choice … but the more often, the better. The podcast can be only 15-20 minutes long … in fact, if your audience is prone to commuting, a 20-minute or shorter podcast will be perfect!

Post the audio on a blog for easy syndication and register it with iTunes. Now, your message can reach many of those people who subscribe to podcasts through iTunes but don’t read blogs.

Also, by having an audio option to learn from you, you can attract audio learners to your fold much more easily. If you use WordPress, there are plugins that are made specifically for podcasting. FreeConferenceCalling.com also makes it easy to create a podcast and send it off to iTunes.

2. Promoting Expertise
Yes your written efforts such as blogging and article marketing can promote your expertise, but they don’t convey your personality as well as audio will. Having a podcast is like having your own radio show delivered online, and you can convey your personality quirks much more easily through sound.

3. Education
Providing education via audio can be very powerful. And, you can get transcripts done of the audio so that you can teach through two different learning channels.

4. Product Development
Once you have an archive of podcasts, you can start pulling choice ones together into “best of” compilations to sell as a product. Or, you can create a private podcast series that is only available to those who subscribe — an audio continuity product.

5. Relationship Marketing
As I mentioned earlier, your personality comes through audio much more clearly than through the written word. When people listen to your podcast on a regular basis, they can feel like they know you. In fact, I highly suspect that a podcast can give your relationship marketing efforts a boost much more quickly than any written efforts might.


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