5 Tips for better email marketing

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Building Relationships, Marketing & Selling

There are several things you can do to increase the chances that your emails get opened. Here are the ones I think are the best:

5 Tips for better email marketing

1. Identifiable subject line

I include the name of my newsletter in the subject line when I send it out. That way recipients know what to expect. According to Nicole Merrett of Sage North America, “Subject lines that include your company’s name as a reference and provide specifics supporting your email topic will typically gain higher open rates.” For example, a typical newsletter subject line of mine might be: HEART of Business: Get better email open rates.

2. Personable from address

You’d be surprised how many times I get personal responses to the emails I send through my email marketing service. Even though I’m sending the same email to numerous people, some think I’m sending it just to them. One reason is that the email I send from is a personal looking email address. Using a “name@” address vs. a generic “info@” address helps add a layer of personalization to your emails.

2. Personalization

Speaking of personalization, use the mail merge feature of your email service to personalize not only the salutation, but also choice moments within the emails, as well. This makes your email feel more one-to-one than one-to-many.


4. Provide quality content

The quality of your emails is more important than the quantity. I include insight, advice and links to content-rich blog posts in my newsletters. There is always more information than offers. Yes, you want to be consistent with your frequency (for example, my newsletter goes out twice a month), but don’t send something out if you don’t have something of value to share. I’ve often skipped and issue because I didn’t have the value I wanted to share that week. Your emails should be mostly content of value to your target audience. Then your readers will be more open to your offers.

5. Variety is the spice of life … and marketing

Don’t get so consistent with your emails that your readers stop paying attention. Try new things if you notice open rates dropping.

commentNow its your turn: What do you do to keep your readers reading? How do you keep things fresh? What tips would you like to share to help folks improve their email marketing? Please share your insights and advice in a comment below.

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