5 Reasons Public Speaking Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Mix

by | Nov 1, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

5 reasons for public speaking
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Public speaking can be a powerful way to attract ideal clients into your business. It is especially effective for those who want to be seen as an expert in their field, such as authors, writers and service-based business owners. It can also be effective if your career or business doesn’t quite match that profile.

Here are 5 very good reasons that you should be including public speaking as one of your techniques for promoting your business.

1. Public speakers are seen as experts
If you have the gumption to stand in front of a group of people to talk about a topic you know something about. People will automatically assume you are an expert. People like to do business with people who know what they’re talking about … a.k.a. experts.

2. Speaking in public gives people a chance to “get to know you”
Yes, they are really only getting to know your speaking personae (which should be an enhanced part of you anyway), but people don’t often realize that. Watching you speak feels more intimate than that. It warms them up to doing business with you.

3. Many public speaking opportunities will let you sell at the back of the room
When you speak in public, you can not only build your list of prospects, you can make sales. Yes, not every opportunity will allow you do this, but many will. You warm up the audience and then they show their appreciation by buying something from you before they leave. How cool is that?

4. Public speakers are often seen as mini-celebrities
Not only are you an expert, you’re a veritable celebrity! People love to get their pictures taken with and be connected to celebrities. When they post their picture with you on their blog, that is free publicity. By getting up on stage, you are, in part, enrolling people into getting the word out about you and what you do.

5. Speaking in public can grow your business and leadership skills
Your business … and your audience … are not the only ones that will benefit from from your public speaking. You can too. The more you speak in public, the more you’ll grow in confidence, communication skills, leadership skills and more. Public speaking is a real win-win-win activity for you, your business and your prospects.

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