3 Simple “Tricks” to Improve Your Article Marketing ROI

by | Mar 27, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

3 Simple "Tricks" to Improve Your Article Marketing ROI
The more articles you can write and post to article directories, the better this technique will work for you. Here are a 3 “tricks” I use to get more written in less time and improve the overall return on investment in this technique.

Tip #1: Look for key word phrases when doing your key word research.
Often, the phrases used to find products and services like yours can easily suggest titles for your articles. I don’t know about you, but if I have a great title, the article often flows quite easily from there.

Tip #2: Re-purpose your content.
Why re-invent the wheel? Your articles don’t need to be original gems just waiting to win a Pulitzer prize. They need to be compelling, relevant and readable. And they need to be related to what you have to offer. So re-purpose content you’ve already created. (On Monday, I wrote a blog post that should give you some good re-purposing ideas.)

Tip #3: Write several articles in one sitting.
You can often “get in the zone” and increase your productivity by concentrating on a single activity for a longer length of time. This is very true of writing. While your first article may take 30 minutes to write, the activity primes your writing pump and subsequent articles will flow much more quickly.

For more information about article marketing, check out the FAQs page. If your question isn’t answered, you can submit your own question.


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