10 Things We Love About Ourselves

by | Feb 15, 2009 | Mindset

In this month’s issue of The ART of Business, I talked about how important self-esteem is and suggested we create together an online ode to our self-esteem: we’ll each create a “10 Things I Love About Me” list and post it here on this blog.

Here are the rules:

  1. Create your list and post it as a comment to this post.
  2. Read other’s posts and cheer them on. (Negative posts will be removed!)

This is a positive, self-esteem-enhancing love fest! We are Women Business Owners and We Love Our Businesses and Ourselves!

Would you like a bearing on your self-esteem before you create your list? Take this Self Esteem Quiz I created just for you!

O.K. To start the ball rolling, here’s my list:

  1. I’ve always loved my ears. I like the way they look. I don’t know why, I just do.
  2. I love my active inner child. She keeps me filled with joy and laughter.
  3. I love my capacity for love. I just never seem to run out!
  4. I love my ability to be tolerant. You’d be amazed at what I’ll put up with, calmly and gracefully, when I’m interacting with someone in a teaching situation. Some people just need that groundedness I can provide to overcome their own demons.
  5. I love that I’m so creative! No recipe in the kitchen is unmodified. I have a drawer filled with short stories, poetry, and novels in various states of completion. I’ve taken courses in dance, puppetry, crafts, and videography. I just love to create things and share this talent with my clients.
  6. I love my quirky sense of humor. I laugh wholeheartedly and often. I’ve been told that I’m easily amused. I take this as a compliment. Why not find joy wherever you can find it?
  7. I love that I’m polite to people, animals, and, sometimes, plants. I feel that is my small way of honoring the life that fills us all.
  8. I love my hands. I have long fingers — I’ve often been asked if I play the piano (nope.) I like to move my hands about and watch them mimic the movement of water and branches blowing in the breeze. Maybe that’s why I did so well with the arm movements in my Hawaiian and Middle Eastern dance classes.
  9. I love my insatiable curiosity. One of my mottos is, “Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back!” O.K. My curiosity has gotten me into trouble sometimes and I’ve learned things I would rather not have known about, but I still think it is a quality that makes me special.
  10. I love having an optimistic view of the world. O.K. Maybe this is tied into #6, but everything about me seems to stem from #6!

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Now it’s your turn!

What do you love about you? What do you like about you? Be sure to list at least 10 things. They can be big or small. They can be sublime or silly. You like what you like … let it all hang out!

Then read what others have posted and cheer them on! Let’s make this a virtual love fest!


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