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What you will learn in this
20-minute video presentation:

  • How to identify your ideal readers
  • Ways you can get those ideal readers to notice you and your book
  • How to communicate your book's value to potential readers
  • Ideas on how to diversify your content so you can reach more people and make more sales
  • How to build a connection and keep them coming back for more

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Why should you listen to Carma?

Carma SpenceCarma Spence is the author of Home Sweet Home Page: The Five Deadly Mistakes Authors, Speakers and Coaches Make with Their Website's Home Page and How to Fix Them! and 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online (from Logical Expressions, Inc.), as well as two cookbooks. In addition, she has Public Speaking Super Powers (self-published) due out in the fall of 2018.

Carma's first book, Bonkers for Bundt Cakes, turned a profit within three months. Her third book, Home Sweet Home Page, has garnered numerous positive reviews and attracted several speaking opportunities. Her forthcoming book, Public Speaking Super Powers has already helped her land a prestigious speaking gig ... and it isn't even out yet!

Her books are available in a variety of formats, from PDF download to Nook to Kindle to paperback. She practices what she preaches and diversifies her content into written and spoken formats. She has four CDs, in addition to her books, available for sale on Amazon.com. Many of her special reports are available on Kindle and Nook, and she has several downloadable written and audio programs for sale (and for free) through her websites.

Carma knows how to focus in on a book's ideal reader and gain visibility with that market. This 20-minute video is a compressed version of a longer presentation and training program, which was tailored for her Toastmaster's Club (a venue that doesn't allow for much self-promotion and has strict timing guidelines). However, within those limitations, she was able to pack a great deal of valuable, actionable content into that 20 minutes. And you can view it for FREE by completing the form at the top of this page.

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